Business Matchmaking by RX Greater China

- Matchmaking makes your event participation even more productive


We want each of our events to be a highly productive business environment.


For Exhibitors

  • It allows confirmation that we’re sending appropriate, known target customers to exhibitors’ booths; it recommends exhibitors to new target customers;
  • Matchmaking makes it easy for buyers to learn about exhibitors’ business, to contact, email and arrange at-show appointments with exhibitors by providing recommended exhibitor list and quick links within recommendations emails and WeChat registration pages to pre-registered visitors and onsite registered visitors, and by facilitating 1-1 matchmaking meetings on the show floor between exhibitors and TAP buyers, by exhibitor recommendations on ReedConnect APP, by onsite guided matchmaking tours and by onsite exhibitor enquiry and printing services. 


For Visitors and Buyers

To help visitors and buyers enhance your business connections, we have created a full range of complimentary, non-sponsored services prior, during and after the event. Upon completion of visitor registration, visitors will automatically receive exhibitor recommendations via email. By clicking exhibitor links, you can view corresponding exhibitors’ company and product information, based on which you can plan your visit or onsite meetings. Our recommendations complement visitors’ own planning. Make the most of:

  •  Personalised recommendations to easily discover relevant exhibitors and products
  • Discover exhibitors or products you might not have come across before
  • Save time searching the directory and preparing your visit
  •  Structured events at the show to help expand your network
  • Personalized exhibitor recommendation and matchmaking services for TAP buyers


Why matchmaking at our events?

At-show buyer insight has shown that 61% buyers* are positive about, and place value in, a program that matches them with exhibitors

  • Buyers like & appreciate recommendations steering them in the right direction
  • Buyers said targeted recommendations helped them to be more efficient with their time at-show
  • Buyers said recommendations resulted in them having more meetings than they anticipated
  • Buyers said recommendations helped them find and meet new exhibitors.

*Source of data: as per RXGC visitor survey statistics in 2019


Exhibitor recommendation matchmaking services preshow and at the show through multiple channels

Onsite MatchMaking

Online MatchMaking

1.    Personalized exhibitor recommendation e-mails to pre-registered visitors 

2. Visitor WeChat registration recommendations.