RX China Launches “Hello China, Hello World” Campaign to Drive Recovery and Growth

China reopened borders in early 2023 to warmly welcome inbound travelers. International business exchanges and trading between China and the world are quickly heating up. Chinese companies have already started their overseas trips in group for return to the global arena. International exhibitors and buyers are also ardently looking forward to getting back to the show floor at RX events in China. Taking a global view, the world is thriving with opportunities and possibilities.    

China has released the yearly theme of Recovery and Development for 2023. Face-to-face events will unleash the power to drive economic growth and recovery, to spur innovation, rebuild connections, and to cement trust and confidence. Given such excellent opportunities, RX China is eager to join hands with its global colleagues, partners, communities and customers to Reboot, Reconnect, Rebuild.    

Under this backdrop, RX China will launch a whole-year campaign of “Hello China, Hello World” in March 2023. Through having dialogues with stakeholders around the world, carrying out exchanges and collaborations both internally and externally, RX China hopes to ignite ideas and inspirations, exchange experiences and best practices, foster innovations and co-operations to fulfill the mission of “in the business of building businesses”. Together, we will renew an exhilarating chapter of success for communities and organizations that we serve.

Hand in hand with "Hello China, Hello World" - Elevate your success with RX's global network and comprehensive expertise, driving industry recovery and economic triumph. Reunite with international exhibitors and buyers at our captivating events in China, and let's join forces to empower organizations, communities, and individuals as they thrive in a brighter, more connected future. Together, we illuminate new possibilities!

Hello China, Hello World campaign will be implemented with a diversified range of activities throughout the year both internally and externally, including:

  • Sharing by RXGC senior executives, partners, and project teams
  • Dialogues with RX ISG (International Sales Group) and RX global leaders
  • Exchanges with China and global trade associations and business groups